Seeing the Glass Half Full

Evelina Krumm

Do you see the glass half full or half empty? Some days it can be hard to see the positive side of life, it is easy to forget the things that make or have made us happy in the past and suddenly the glass is just never filled enough. When we get stuck in the negative outlook on life we might need to be reminded of the good parts life throws our way. 
Positive thinking doesn’t have to mean sticking your head in the sand, ignoring life’s less pleasant situations. It doesn’t mean smiling when the house is on fire. It means seeing some of these situations as opportunities rather than problems – being reminded of the positive aspects when life is tough. Psychology researcher Shyh ShinWong discovered that adding positive thoughts to your day is nurturing for your overall happiness, well-being and life-satisfaction. 
This course focuses on breaking the pattern of negative thinking with the help of four training tips bringing a positive spin to your day.

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