Four Steps to Make a Habit Stick

Evelina Krumm

45 percent of what we do is based on pure routine. This means that by creating habits we can take control of almost half of our lives. Understanding how to make new habits stick is therefore of utmost importance. Without having the habit of eating three times a day or resting when coming home from work our physical and mental health would be compromised. Unfortunately creating new habits can be easier said than done. It requires practice, patience and guidance. This course is created to support you on this journey.
Throughout this course you will learn how to make new habits stick – by following four steps. Start off easy by breaking down your values in small, concrete behaviours. This is followed by repetition of chosen behaviour and creation of a signal linked to the behaviour. Finally you will get to practice a new way of rewarding yourself. All taken together this course will help you form the behaviour into a habit.

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Exercises in the course